About Us

TDE provides midstream and upstream oil and gas clients with high-quality, innovative engineering and construction solutions for process facilities. No two projects are the same, and we work collaboratively with clients to deliver unique strategies for dealing with even the most complex issues. As our extensive and varied track record shows, companies around the world look to us to deliver solid, efficient, and reliable systems.

Wherever you might be, we have the logistical know-how, tools, and capability to make your project possible. We have well-developed global strategic partnerships to assist with project management and construction in diverse locations and conditions.

Our equipment is currently operating in cold climates such as Northern Canada, Alaska, and Siberia, as well as in tropical and desert climates such as the Middle East, Africa, Central and Southeast Asia, and South America. We have also designed and manufactured production modules for installation on fixed offshore production platforms and floating production, storage, and off-loading vessels.

Plant site locations are often remote from major population centres and pose many logistical problems with transportation and installation. Our equipment arrives at project sites by all means of transport. All equipment packages are designed with site-specific transportation requirements in mind—we have designed and supplied equipment for air, railroad, boat and barge, and truck transportation.

Our facilities are equipped to fabricate a wide range of vessel sizes and piping configurations in-house, avoiding the need to outsource. This creates direct benefits for our clients: better-managed projects, lower costs, and quicker completion times.