Research & Development

To remain at the forefront of this very aggressive industry sector, TDE invests significantly in research and development. Our overarching goal is to improve existing products and procedures, and expand operations.
To promote innovation, TDE funds research and development each year in the following areas:

  • Biomass: collecting wood waste, which becomes usable material as a renewable energy source
  • Clean soil process: waste remediation equipment applications that include contaminated soils and sediment remediation, oily sludge and emulsion treatment, oily produced sand and tank bottoms clean-up, frac sand washing and recycling, industrial waste treatment, and petrochemical components
  • Heavy oil processing optimization: develop new technology to reduce capital and operating expenditures of processing heavy oil
  • Enhanced liquidsrecovery technology: specialized cryogenic processing used in a unique cooling system to enhance production and efficiency with areas for improvement in capital and operating expenditures. The aim of maximizing value of natural gas production and reducing the impact on the environment
  • LNG Technology: compact modular Liquefied Natural Gas Processing facilities for stranded well-sites