Liquefied Natural Gas

TDE specializes in complete liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant engineering, design, manufacturing, procurement, construction, and commissioning.

After pre-treatment for H2S and CO2 removal, dehydration, BTEX components removal, mercury removal, partial or complete liquefied petroleum gas removal, and pentane hydrocarbons removal, natural gas is chilled to cryogenic temperatures. At these temperatures, the natural gas becomes liquefied. It can then be transported safely and economically by specialized sea tankers, or highway truck tankers in the case of small LNG plants.

In the process of natural gas liquefaction for LNG plants, single train sizes of up to 1.5 Mtpa, TDE uses either open-cycle refrigerant process, where the refrigerant may be part of the natural gas feed, or nitrogen or single mixed refrigerant closed-cycle process. For base-load LNG plant sizes exceeding 3.0 Mtpa, TDE offers its complete engineering design, fabrication, and supply services in the upstream and pre-treatment process and utilities section of the LNG plant.