Glycol Dehydration, Refrigeration, Stabilization, and Storage



Thermo Design Engineering was awarded contracts for the design engineering, fabrication, and commissioning/start-up of a gas processing facility in Libya. The TDE-supplied equipment consisted of a 215 MMSCFD TEG glycol dehydration system, a 52,000 BPD condensate stabilization system, and a 1000 t. propane refrigeration system complete with turbine-driven centrifugal compressors.

The project was challenging due to the remoteness of the location and interaction between multiple vendors and engineering companies working on the overall project. In addition to design and supply of the process equipment, TDE was tasked with ensuring that the turbo machinery was suitably designed to meet the process operational needs and that control and operation could be maintained from the local turbine unit control panels and via the overall plant’s distributed control system.

The project included detailed engineering design (process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and control) and fabrication of the gas processing equipment. TDE completed pre-assembly and testing of all piping, equipment, and instrumentation at TDE's facilities in order to minimize the amount of field welding required.

TDE was also responsible for commissioning, start-up, training, and operational performance testing of equipment, including optimization of the facility for a very low turndown scenario.