Modular Deep-Cut Ethane Recovery Turboexpander Plant


Resthaven Gas Plant, Alberta

TDE was commissioned to supply a modularized deep-cut turboexpander plant with a nominal inlet gas flow of 8,495,000 Sm3/day @ 67 Barg and 49ºC (300 MMSCFD @ 975 psig and 120°F). The inlet gas contains 1.6% CO2.

The client challenged TDE to produce the highest recovery possible while minimizing CO2 in the outlet C2+ product without adding additional CO2 removal equipment. In addition, the CO2 content in the feed gas was extremely high, and the TDE team needed to establish a process to handle the unusual state.

The TDE team provided detailed design for the project, including process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and control, as well as the fabrication of the deep-cut plant. TDE also shop tested all equipment and systems prior to shipping.

The overall design resulted in a plant process where the ethane recovery is greater than 80% with CO2 held to 4.5% in the liquid product and C2+ product flow at 81.5 m3/h. The plant can also reject 95% of the ethane to the gas stream and recover 90% of the C3+ product. TDE optimized a process to handle the high CO2 content without the addition of any excess CO2 removal equipment, using its proprietary patent-pending TDE process.

TDE provided construction supervision commissioning, start-up, and the operational performance test, and registered the plant equipment with Alberta authorities.