Musreau Gas Plant


Northern Alberta

The project scope included the design and supply of a modularized deep-cut turboexpander plant with a nominal inlet gas flow of 5,720,000 Sm3/day @ 68 Barg and 45ºC (202 MMSCFD @ 986 psig and 113°F) as well as an amine gas sweetening addition, required to sweeten 1% H2S gas to less than 4 ppm and less than 0.5% of CO2.

TDE needed to design the plant with the ability to either recover ethane in the liquid stream or allow ethane to remain in the gas stream for transmission.

We supplied detailed design (process, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and control) and fabrication of the deep-cut plant, in addition to shop testing of all equipment and systems prior to shipping.

The team used a proprietary patent-pending process to provide the flexibility in ethane recovery/rejection. Final ethane recovery for the plant is greater than 90%; C2+ product flow is 81.5 m3/h. The plant was designed to reject 95% of the ethane to the gas stream and recover 90% of the C3+ product.

TDE was responsible for the registration of the plant equipment with Alberta authorities and also provided assistance with construction supervision, commissioning, start-up, and the operational performance test.