Zaikinskoye Processing Plant


Tulipan (Southwest Russia)

TDE was awarded a contract to supply a turnkey gas processing plant to process a maximum of 260,000 Nm3/h (220 MMSCFD) of natural gas and to complete the design services for the future phases of the plant expansion, including oil stabilization and a mini refinery. The project was complex in that the new equipment was to be integrated with the existing facilities.

The expansion had to comply with the local regulations (GOST-R, IEC, ATEX, etc.), all equipment required certification prior to shipping, and a Permit to Use had to be obtained in order to meet government codes.

Based on the high-quality design of the original facility, TDE was awarded the contract for the expansion as well. Integration of the expansion was streamlined by using original drawings and documentation. The project involved the supply and construction of a modular gas processing plant, designed and manufactured as twin parallel processing trains. The plant construction used client equipment and tradesmen.

TDE managed commissioning and start-up responsibilities as well as the training of client specialists and operators. TDE equipment was registered with Russian authorities and standards agencies prior to shipping, allowing for the necessary certifications and compliance with the local regulations.

Two engineering studies (feed engineering) were conducted for Phase 2 and 3 of the complex; Phase 2 included additional processing of liquids products as well as oil and condensate stabilization, product rail loading facilities, and LPG bottling facility, and Phase 3 included a mini refinery processing 500,000 tonnes per year of stabilized crude into gasoline, motor distillate, and residue fuel oil.



Gas flow rate

260,0000 Sm3/h (MMSCM/h) at 58 Barg (220 MMSCFD at 830 psig)

Process facilities

Inlet slug catchers, inlet separators, inlet filter coalescers, inlet metering, and emergency flare control valves

Gas compressors

Two @ 50% capacity

Gas compressor type

Dresser-Rand CBF-742 Centrifugal

Compressor ancillaries

Lube oil console with SS piping, pumps, filters, and degassing tank; seal oil system with seal oil tank, DR cone seals; compressor aftercoolers consisting of 6 fans each train

Compressor driver HP

12,600 HP (nominal) (9,396 kW)

Compressor driver type

Solar Mars 90 Gas Turbine

Turbine ancillaries

Lube oil pump with DC backup, lube oil filtration, lube oil vent separator; fuel gas treatment, including filtration and heating; gas starter; inlet filter, heat exchanger, silencer, and ducting; exhaust silencer and ducting; turbine and compressor housed in heated building with overhead crane