Heat Medium Systems

    Heat Medium Systems supply a source of heat to process and utility users via hot oil or a glycol/water mixture. Duty is provided to the heat medium (HM) typically via a direct fired heater, distributed throughout the plant to the various users, and the cooled HM is returned for subsequent heating.


System Capacity
• Expansion drum designed to account for overall system volume
• Evaluated to accommodate variance in process conditions and volume expansion

Heat Medium Pumps
• Designed for optimized cooling of seals to withstand circulation of hot HM fluid
• Evaluated to maintain pumpability for operating temperatures that range from startup to normal operation

Safety & Maintenance
• Designed to prevent corrosion and thermal degradation
• Equipment and HM selected are evaluated to optimize safety and system integrity

Heat Medium (HM)
• Fluids are evaluated and selected based on criteria for temperature requirements, pumpability and heat transfer
• Water, glycol/water mixtures, and thermal oils are utilized in specific applications

Water & Glycol/Water
• Excellent HM fluid due to superior thermophysical properties, low cost, and minimal environmental impact
• Ideal for HM systems up to approximately 300F

Thermal Oils
• Suited for high temperature requirements beyond the capacity of glycol/water mixtures
• Allows for system to operate at lower pressures