About Us

Thermo Design Engineering (TDE) is a recognized leader in engineering and construction in oil and gas fields and sustainable project solutions around the world. We are an innovative energy solutions company, specializing in the design, engineering, manufacturing, and installation of custom oil and gas and sustainable facilities.

Established in 1979, TDE has grown to be Canada’s leading specialist in petroleum and natural gas process systems. From gas fields in Siberia to Tunisia, North Africa to offshore platforms in the South China Sea, we have a proven record of experience, facilities, and people to deliver the most efficient engineering and manufacturing solutions in our industry.

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At TDE, we are committed to quality and dedicated to satisfying our clients’ needs. As a result, we have forged long-term relationships with many of our clients. Our approach allows us to coordinate client requirements with the overall plant design, procurement, fabrication, construction and start-up to provide a quality project, on schedule and budget. 

Our Experience

TDE has a demonstrated track record of success in the design, procurement, and fabrication of both oil and gas processing facilities. Our gas processing experience is extensive and ranges from Deep-cut and Shallow-cut, Cryogenic and Non-cryogenic Recovery Plants, Compression Stations, Fractionation Plants, Gas and Liquids Sweetening Facilities, Sulphur Recovery Units, Plant Utilities, and other types of Gas Processing Facilities. Our oil processing experience is equally wide-ranging; encompassing heavy API sour Canadian crude as well as sweet conventional light crude processing. We have designed and manufactured facilities and process modules for electrostatic and mechanical treating, water treatment and handling, crude stabilization and fractionation, hydrotreating, topping plants, distillate splitting and fractionation and diluent recovery.



Plant site locations are often remote from major population centers and pose many logistical problems for the transportation and installation of facilities. TDE Equipment has been moved to various locations by all means of transport. We have designed and supplied equipment for air, railroad, boat and barge as well as truck transportation. All equipment packages are designed with site-specific transportation needs and requirements in mind.

We have developed considerable experience in all weather conditions ranging from the Arctic to tropical and desert climates with TDE equipment operating in the Canadian North, Siberia, the South China Sea, the Gobi Desert, the Middle East, Africa, India, Central and South America.





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TDE has designed and manufactured production modules for installation on fixed offshore production platforms and floating production, storage and offloading (FPSO) vessels. These installations range from the tropical Gulf of Mexico to the frigid Canadian Atlantic.

We are pioneers in the modular design concept of natural gas processing plants and are currently implementing this design in many countries around the world. The modular concept offers substantial cost savings compared to traditional on-site construction methods. In addition, design and fabrication are conducted in a controlled environment that permits rigorous quality assurance and rapid delivery.


When we make promises to our clients, we deliver on our word.

We are committed to honesty, integrity, transparency, and service excellence in all aspects of our operations. In line with our core values, we are committed to compliance with anti-bribery and anti-corruption legislation and provide a fair and equitable environment for all employees where all human rights are respected.

We believe these commitments, along with building solid working relationships based on trust is what has kept us successful for over 40 years.

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