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Our identity

Established in 1979 in Edmonton Alberta, Thermo Design Engineering (TDE) is a Canadian-owned and recognized world leader in design, engineering, manufacturing, installation, and construction of energy facilities and sustainable projects around the world.

Founded with the vision of delivering project services in new and better ways, we are a company that holds progress and innovation as our standards, and it is this identity that generates solutions that are years ahead of their time. We employ leading-edge technology to stay at the forefront of our industry, and to continually create superior solutions that are truly innovative and beneficial, not only to our clients and our industry but to our world.

Since our inception, TDE has focused on two unwavering commitments:

1. To provide the highest possible quality, and

2. To satisfy our clients needs while exceeding their expectations

Our collaborative approach in coordinating our clients’ unique requirements with the overall plant design, procurement, fabrication, construction, and start-up, allows us to deliver an exceptional custom-built project from concept to commissioning, on schedule and budget

Our growth


14 years

40 years



Securing Projects

Within our first fifteen years, we progressed from local Alberta-based operations to securing projects in the US, Asia, and Europe.

14 years

COR Certification

Our focus on sustainability and the environment led to the establishment of TDEnviro in 1993, and the next decade saw the company attain COR certification as well as our first offshore project.

40 years


By our 40th anniversary, our operations had expanded to South America, the Middle East, and Australia, with numerous assembly, fabrication, and modularization facilities added along the way.


Leading Specialist

At home, TDE has grown to become Canada’s leading specialist in petroleum and natural gas process systems. In addition to offering the benefits of an integrated service model, we have pioneered the modular design concept that consistently brings substantial cost-savings for our clients.

Today, we are a growing company, at the forefront of energy processing technology, operating in 42 countries around the world, developing and deploying cutting edge innovations such as:

  • Leader provider of Cryogenic/Non-cryogenic Recovery Plants
  • Experienced Heavy Oil Processing Equipment
  • Renewable Fuel Experts
  • Advanced Carbon Capture Technologies
  • C02Maxx

Our experience

From gas fields in Siberia to Tunisia, North Africa to offshore platforms in the South China Sea, we have a proven record of delivering the most efficient engineering and manufacturing solutions in our industry in any climate conditions.

With each project and each challenge, our knowledge and capabilities have expanded and broadened, resulting in a comprehensive suite of service offerings encompassing a wide variety of facility types and processes.

Traditional Energy Facility ExperienceTDE’s Capabilities
Cryogenic/Non-cryogenic Recovery Plants@
Compression Stations@
Fractionation Plants@
Gas and Liquids Sweetening Facilities@
Sulphur Recovery Units@
Plant Utilities@
Gas Processing Facilities (Dehydration unit, Amine Sweetening unit, Mole Sieve Unit)@
Oil Processing, Heavy API Cdn sour crude@
Oil Processing, sweet conventional light crude@
Facility and Process Module design & mfg:@
Electrostatic & Mechanical treating@
Water treatment & handling@
Crude stabilization/fractionation@
Topping plants@
Distillate splitting/fractionation@
Diluent recovery@
Traditional Energy Facility ExperienceTDE’s Capabilities
Biodiesel Facilities@
RNG Facilities@
Waste Utilization Facilities@
Syngas Facilities@


Regardless of scope, and with our guarantee of superior quality and service, you can trust TDE to be with you through every stage of your project and beyond.

True innovation begins with an insatiable curiosity, and curiosity is what pushes us forward in continuing to seek out the best, most sustainable solutions for our clients, and the most responsible choices for the future of our planet.

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