Accelerated Hydrogen Technologies

Hydrogen plays a key role in the transition to a sustainable, low-carbon energy future. TDE is proud to offer its comprehensive service suite for the hydrogen economy.

The applications and benefits of hydrogen energy delivery include:

  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Energy storage and grid stability
  • Diversification of energy sources
  • Industrial decarbonization in hard-to-abate sectors
  • Transportation fuel
  • Export opportunities for Canadian hydrogen hubs

In support of the hydrogen economy, TDE provides a variety of services:

  • FEED studies and engineering studies for emerging hydrogen technologies
  • Engineering and fabrication of pilot and demonstration plants
  • Carbon capture units for decarbonizing hydrogen produced by steam-methane reformation (blue hydrogen) and other natural gas pathways
  • Supply of combined blue hydrogen units: SMR + Carbon Capture
  • Other balance-of-plant systems for hydrogen generation facilities

TDE recognizes that low-carbon hydrogen is a crucial feedstock for renewable fuels, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and other syngas products such as methanol, ammonia, and petrochemicals. By offering low-carbon hydrogen options, TDE helps reduce the Carbon Intensity (CI Score) of our clients’ facilities. Following plant construction and commissioning, TDE can also manage clients’ carbon credit portfolios, maximizing the value of the credits produced through these technologies.

Carbon free fuel sources are inevitably becoming a component of the world’s energy future. Leading this energy movement is utilization of hydrogen either as a fuel source directly or blending hydrogen to reduce the carbon intensity of other fuel sources. TDE’s focus is on generation, treatment, storage, and transportation of hydrogen within new and existing infrastructure.

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