Sustainability Mandate

Sustainability Mandate

Our most precious resource is our planet

Protecting the Earth is everyone’s responsibility, but as a corporation we are uniquely positioned to lead the way in creating a more sustainable future for all. Throughout our history, we have consistently dedicated resources and technologies into realizing that vision.

Sustainability Mandate

Our ongoing commitment to the environment is reflected in our Sustainability Mandate, which asserts the following actions:

  • We have set a corporate goal that by the year 2027, 50% or more of TDE projects are to be within the sustainability energy markets.
  • We ensure that our service offerings are focused on technologies for reducing our global impact and that of our clients.
  • We implement emissions reduction technology and procedures in all our facilities, and those of our clients.
  • We continue to develop technologies and procedures to reduce waste, create energy savings, and lower costs for our clients.
  • We explore and implement sustainable and effective methods of recycling energy and consumables.
  • We strive to decrease waste, transition to paperless operations, and use environmentally friendly products in all our office environments.

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