Exploring the Vital Role of Helium in Modern Energy Solutions and Innovations

TDE is proud to offer a comprehensive service suite for the helium recovery industry, including engineering, project development, fabrication, modularization, delivery, and construction.

 Helium recovery typically involves two primary methods:

  1. Cryogenics
  2. Membranes

At the project onset, TDE collaborates with clients to analyze gas stream conditions and determine the optimal technology path. We provide engineering services to optimize plant performance and develop facility designs that ensure the best long-term results.

TDE has extensive experience in cryogenic extraction and the liquefaction of natural gases. These methods are used to isolate chemical species from mixtures, and helium extraction is no different. Leveraging our cryogenic expertise, TDE can isolate helium from gas streams at high purity levels. Our cryogenic plants handle high flow rates and are robust, adaptable, and compliant with a variety of flow conditions.

For membrane facilities, TDE utilizes its supply chain network to develop a membrane sequence with PSA technology for helium extraction and purification.

In both cases, TDE designs and implements compression and truck loading systems, completing the balance of the plant.

Where CO2 is a byproduct of helium extraction, TDE offers carbon capture solutions.

Captured CO2 can be liquefied to industrial or food-grade standards or injected into available wells. TDE’s carbon credit management services help clients generate additional revenue streams from their carbon reduction equipment.

These methods enable our clients to achieve maximum yield from their helium streams with simplified design, operation, and ownership.

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