The TDE Team

At TDE, our people are our most important asset. With over 40 years in business, and several long term employees we recognize that these past 40 years would not have been possible without our talented staff. Meet the people who will turn your ideas into reality.

Amber Broda, P.Eng
Corporate Services Director

As the Corporate Development Manager, Amber is responsible for leading and facilitating organizational change including business process changes, system implementations, and organizational culture change. She is responsible for leading the continuous improvement of the integrated Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 45001 and overseeing other corporate services. Amber’s past roles include Manager of Applications and Projects for an industry competitor and Process Engineer for various domestic and international projects. Amber believes that the diversity of TDE’s products and services, the global regions in which TDE operates and the spectrum of client challenges TDE works to solve is what makes TDE truly unique.

Brandon Dahr
Corporate Health and Safety Manager

Prior to Joining TDE, Brandon worked as the Health and Safety Manager and a Health and Safety Coordinator for other organizations. He is currently TDE’s Occupational Health and Safety Committee Chair and believes TDE’s “Yes we can” atmosphere and solution-oriented approach is TDE’s key to continuous success.

Brenden Mann
General Manager, Operations

As TDE’s General Manager of Operations, Brenden is responsible for overseeing Safety, Quality, Production, Supply Chain, Project Planning and the Heat Exchanger’s business unit. He works closely with many of TDE’s divisions to ensure project success through proactive problem solving and collaboration. Prior to Brenden’s role as General Manager of Operations, he was the Production Manager for 4 years, where he displayed excellent leadership and a strong commitment to achieving results. Before joining TDE, Brenden was the Projects Program Manager at a large manufacturing facility. There, he was responsible for a team of projects, Fabrication, Construction Managers, and supported staff executing multiple projects ranging from 12MM-270MM. Brenden also has trade experience as Steamfitter, Gasfitter, and Pipefitter. Brenden believes it is TDE is focused on diversity and providing practical solutions for clients that bring TDE continued success.

Chris Mounivong, CET.
Strategic Accounts Manager

Chris is TDE’s Proposals Manager for all International Opportunities, Tenders and Projects. Prior to this, Chris spent his first 10 years with TDE as a Project Manager, Managing Mid to Large Scale Domestic and International Projects. Chris believes that it is TDE’s process engineering technology and modularization expertise to provide flexible solutions for clients has made TDE one of the world’s leading suppliers of process plants and equipment for the oil and gas industry.

Darrel Donahue
Quality Control Manager

Darrel has been a Quality Manager in the Oil and Gas Industry for 15 years. Previously he was a Pressure Welder by trade before becoming certified as a 4th Class Power Engineer. He has written and passed the CSA W178.2 Level 3 exam and has retained that ever since. Darrel believes that what sets TDE apart is their Process Engineering as it allows TDE to be a one-stop-shop for all end-users.

James Montgomery, P.Eng.

As the CEO and Founder of TDE, James has been with TDE since the beginning. He has proven international experience and is currently a member of the Board of Directors of Camgill Development Co. He believes TDE’s strong Engineering Team with years of experience are TDE’s key to success in Oil and Gas technology and construction.

Konstantin Shepelevich, M.Eng.
Project Director

As a Project Director, Konstantin is involved in Business Development and Project Management for the opportunities and projects in CIS Countries (FSU Countries). He also oversees the operations of TDE’s branch in Turkmenistan. He has been with TDE for more than 15 years and worked as Project Coordinator and Project Manager of International Projects. Konstantin is a Mechanical Engineer and started his career as a Marine Engineer before entering the Oil & Gas Industry. Konstantin believes that it is TDE’s investment in professional development, Management’s ability to make quick decisions, and TDE’s continuous recognition of talent and effort that has been the key to TDE’s long term success.

Nick Hanson, P.Eng.
Director, Sales and Applications

As the Technical Services Manager, Nick coordinates a multi-disciplined technical team of industry-leading engineers and provides clients and partners with timely and continual access to TDE’s technical resources to develop well-considered and complete solutions for project challenges across all scales and any geographical region. Previously, Nick worked as an Applications Engineer and Process Engineer, both with TDE. Nick believes that TDE’s personnel and team-first attitude are second to none in the industry. He credits TDE’s success to its drive to develop solutions that are good for the project rather than the good of an individual stakeholder. This allows TDE to focus on the bigger picture which when missed has the potential to cause friction in later stages of any project.

Rizwan Farooqi, MBA
Managing Director, MEA Region

Rizwan has more than 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. Prior to joining TDE, Rizwan worked for more than a decade with another industry competitor and successfully served in leadership roles overseeing a large portfolio of sales targets and project execution teams for the Middle East and Africa markets. Prior to that, Rizwan held executive business development, applications and engineering management positions in Singapore, Vietnam and Pakistan. He holds an MBA degree with a specialization in Natural Resources & Energy from the University of Alberta, Canada. He also has two undergraduate degrees with majors in engineering and education. He has extensively researched emissions and climate control related issues and has several research papers published with the University of Alberta’s Centre for Business Research.

Sameh Esmail, P.Eng.
Engineering Manager

Sameh is the Process Engineering Manager at TDE since 2012. He leads a group of in-house Process Engineers, Technicians and support staff in the timely and accurate preparation and delivery of process equipment design requirements for process plants and equipment. He has over 17 years of experience in the design, fabrication, commissioning, start-up, operation and troubleshooting of oil and gas facilities. Sameh started his career as Operation Engineer in one of the largest gas plants in Egypt. Then he led the process Engineering and Start-up of numerous gas plants around the world. Previously, Sameh was a senior process Engineer and managed the Process Engineering department for a Canadian industry competitor.

Tom St. George
Manager of Construction

Tom has experience running the TDE fabrication facility as the Production Manager from 1995 – 2006. He parted ways with TDE in 2006 as a Senior Construction Manager and held that role until rejoining TDE in July 2018 as the Manager of Construction. Tom currently leads TDE’s construction team of over 60 personnel consisting of industry best tradespeople, QC personnel, and construction managers. Tom and his team specialize in providing construction focussed incite and know how during the design phase of projects as well as executing and self-performing civil, mechanical, and electrical construction services. Tom believes that TDE’s success is derived from focusing on its greatest asset; Its people.