Product Blending

    Product Blending units facilitate the transfer of custom blended products to different final destinations within or external to a facility, providing added flexibility. Streams are drawn from storage, mixed to meet specification and pumped downstream to existing pipelines or transfer units.


– Optimized blend ratios to maintain product purity to meet specifications
– Quality product available to commodity markets

Blending Analysis & Techniques
– Online analysis provides real time feedback
– Evaluated to produce homogeneous mixture to ensure product quality
– Application of static mixers, tank agitators, and analyzers maintains the blend at desired injection points

Production Accounting & Custody Transfer
– Provides accurate monitoring of product export
– Enhanced analysis provides performance and repeatability

In-Line Blending vs Tank Blending
– Greater flexibility and accuracy to customer specifications
– Simultaneous loading, blending, and monitoring offers reduced cost and production time
– Offers smaller footprint and increased throughput