Lifecycle Project


Our all encompassing list of services is as unique as each of our clients.

Our services represent our strengths as a company and continuously support our proven track record of superior project execution and plant performance.



Engineering is at the heart of our operations. We provide comprehensive engineering services that are often rated the best in our industry.

The engineering disciplines that TDE provides include:

• Civil Engineering
• Design & Drafting
• Electrical Engineering
• HSE Engineering
• Instrumentation & Automation Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering (Rotating equipment)
• Mechanical, Engineering (Static equipment)
• Piping Engineering
• Process Engineering
• Structural Engineering



Whether working on a small project or a complex initiative, our team has thorough experience executing all phases of a project life cycle.

Our secret to continuous success is building strong relationships with our clients by working together to keep the project organized and on track from initiation to close. Ongoing communication is paramount to achieving a quality end product which is why during project execution we provide the opportunity for client approvals at defined stages of the project. By utilizing this approach, we’re merging the best of your thinking with ours.



We continuously research and source the latest in technology and the most cost-effective and quality materials that meet our client’s specifications. Before we begin a project, our procurement team develops a plan in conjunction with the project controls group. Our procurement plans take into account all important project milestones and approval stages throughout the project.



We develop customized solutions for every area of the globe.


We are known for our innovation and quality when it comes to constructing and assembling products around the world. TDE has the manufacturing capability to create virtually any oil or gas processing equipment required for production and process facilities.


Design and manufacturing are conducted in a controlled environment that permits rigorous quality assurance and rapid delivery.


We maintain in-house manufacturing of:

  • Pressure vessels – ASME Section 8 Div. 1/2/3
  • Heat exchangers
  • Piping
  • Structural steel
  • Direct and indirect fired heaters
  • Spare parts
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Petrochemical processing



Modularization is one of our specialties and strengths. We’re known as innovators in modular design and manufacturing and we offer significant cost savings over “stick-built” facilities.

We specialize in ready-to-operate plants and because our modules are pre-fitted and tested in our facilities, we have a greater capacity for quality control. Modularized designs allow for faster construction and commissioning than traditional alternatives which will save our clients valuable time and financial resources.

This is the future of energy processing.



We’re known for creating modules that fit seamlessly once they arrive on location. But we are equally as skilled sending the equipment to you in the most cost-efficient manner. 


We source the world’s best transportation companies and utilize the most efficient ports when shipping our modules overseas. Every detail is well planned out before it arrives at your location. From international visas and monitoring reports to safety considerations and shipping updates, our logistics partnerships ensure every detail is in order so that the entire process runs smoothly. 


Field Services

We’re on hand from project conception to completion to coordinate and monitor your system solutions, keeping your project on time and schedule.

You can rely on us for full onsite service, commissioning, and start-up. We supervise the start-up of your plant with a high emphasis on safety and efficiency and always ensure that plant operators are fully trained.

We work with you to build a superior facility and we are committed to supporting you throughout the life of the project and long after start-up


Fit for Service, Designed to be Built

Throughout TDE’s history, we have invested substantial resources in developing and optimizing process and equipment designs. We have distilled our expertise into what we have coined a TDE Standard Package. These packages offer the benefit of over 40 years of design development and operational proving.

Each TDE Standard Package is designed in accordance with TDE’s internal design and manufacturing specifications, procedures, and quality plants. Our packages incorporate the findings from past design reviews and safety studies, proving advanced design works at the start of the project cycle.

We provide a design that fully complies with your individual specifications and requirements, but in the situation when this is not necessary, we utilize a TDE Standard design. By choosing a standard design, our clients are able to realize improved schedule, reduced costs, and less rework when compared with a completely customized design.

When utilizing a TDE standard design, our clients have the option of either providing input onto the design to maintain customization based on specific requirements and specifications, or purchasing the package completely hands-off and built to TDE’s standards.

Both options leverage TDE’s practical design manufacturing experience, ensuring proper design transition practically and efficiently into industry-leading solutions.


Integrated Project Services

We offer complete solutions to our customers. From planning and design to construction, installation, and operation, we have proven experience creating total solutions that have even included operations training for plant employees. We stand behind our work and provide a guarantee of superior quality, performance, and service. No matter the requirements, our clients can be confident that TDE will lead their projects to successful completion.